"Courage means to keep making forward progress while you still feel afraid." Joyce Meyer

Progress, everyone wants it. The ability to move forward, to take more responsibility and achieve the things we want to. Yet, very few people reach high levels of performance and achievement. 

The culprit that holds many of these people back is inertia.  After getting a few wins in life, we reach a comfortable spot. We aren't doing great, but life is good. There is this gnawing feeling we have that we can do more.

In the early years, that voice is strong. It manifests in us taking risks and doing things before we are ready. At the same time, another voice tells us to wait for that right opportunity. To not rock the boat and potentially jeopardize what we currently have. 

The second voice is our lizard brain that has evolved over millennia to protect us at all costs. It care's about you right now, even if it is putting your future self at risk.

The longer you spend on this plateau, the faster decay is going to set in.

There aren't any secrets on how to fight inertia. There is nothing outside yourself that can enable you to become better or achieve more. Everything is within.